About Us

Welcome To Travel Essentials LTD

In today’s fast changing economy, we have set out to identify and to and co-ordinate innovative, well-structured travels based business services to meet the requirements of a target spectrum of individuals, institutions, investors and market segments.

Operating primarily in Nigeria, USA and the United Kingdom. Travel Essentials Ltd is a part of Essential Group, a multinational support service group that provides specialised service support operations through sub companies with 18 staff in 6 service stations.


We are committed to customer service excellence through a highly motivated workforce thereby substantially enhancing travel convenience and social safety.


To become the leading provider of strategic travel e-services in the global market place, in healthy co-operation with other industry operators and clients.


Our Customers determine our action.
Our actions, performance and response are tailored towards our customer needs. We expect and encourage top performance of our team members.
We strive to maintain the best service standards in the industry.


Our corporate objective is to exceed customers’ expectation and to sustain enduring confidence from our clients.


We aim to provide a level of reliability and service consistency with the highest operational standard in the travel industry.


We strongly believe that the real product of any company regardless of its industry is the quality of its thinking. This is why we have assembled the best crop of young multi-talented professionals with variously career histories and drive for growth and excellence.

The measure of our success is not based on how well we fare against competitors but how well we perform against our values and principles, one of which is our consumers’ satisfaction. Here, we consider our clients the Centre-Piece of our business practice.

As an official supply chain partner, we are positioned to dispense complete and customised services to the world’s most sort after and exclusive events and destinations on behave of the airlines, hotels, tour companies, cruise lines and other logistics bodies. We pride ourselves on delivering top quality travel services that takes the worry out of travel and allows our guests to enjoy special moments that will last a lifetime.

We are focused on all the same things , which is why we offer customised travel and a consultative approach for every trip. With us, you can be confident that every concerns is completely taken care of by one of the leaders in the industry.

Thank you.

The Company

Travel Essentials Ltd is certified having met with the professional standards of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) accredited agencies and actively on BSP, a member of National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies (NANTA), A certified agent of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), A corporate member of the Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria (FTAN) and a corporate member of the Association of Nigeria Journalist and Writers of Tourism (ANJET).

Travel Essentials Ltd was incorporated in Nigeria, on the 28th of November 2001. It has an authorised and fully paid up capital of N30, 000,000 (Thirty Million Naira) only. On the 8th of June 2005, the company received the official seals of the registary of companies for England and Wales thereby incorporating Travel Essentials under the company act 1985 as a private limited company.

WE ARE LOCATED AT the Murtala Mohammed Airport Terminal 2, high priority on safety and security of our passengers/customers is essential and very key. Its customer-focused facilities offer various benefits to airlines, ground handlers, security officials, terminal managers and most importantly air travelers. And as part of their contribution towards the security of the facility, about 200 security staff (AVSEC) who have just obtained an ICAO Certificate in Aviation Security parade the premises.


Fundamental to accomplishing our mission are our values, the most cherished of which includes;


Regarded as our source of strength and consisting of seasoned and dedicated professionals who are well motivated and excelling in their various capacities within our core industry.


Whose routine challenges we find creative solutions to and with whom we continuously forge mutual beneficial relationship through efficient and responsive customer service delivery.


Would be reflected on our profit, regarded as a vote of confidence in our performance and ultimately a measure of how effectively our clients are served and resources employed.


Our goal at Travel Essentials Ltd is to develop, package and provide products and services that will help create exceptional value and opportunities for our clients.

With this in mind, Travel Essentials Ltd offers a wide range of specialized travelling services to cooperate clients, high net worth individuals and regular customers.